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Deardre McKibbin

Deardre's work has been exhibited regularly in The Yard Gallery, Holywood, Tom Caldwell Gallery, Belfast, The Guinness Gallery, Dublin and in annual exhibitions of the Arts Society of Ulster, The Ulster Society of Woman Artists and the Royal Ulster Academy.


Since 2006, her first year as a professional artist, she has been awarded USWA's Founder's Trophy by Glady's Maccabe, has been selected for exhibition in the RUA twice and won The Hill Gallery Award for mixed media in the ASU's annual exhibition. She was awarded the USWA's Elizabeth Morrow Award for innovative work in both 2007 and 2008. She has been elected to membership of the ASU in 2008.

Her major works have been purchased by The National Museum of Ireland, by Larne Borough Council and by a private collector of porcelain and sculpture in Vancouver, Canada.


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"My work refuses to be contained within the parameters of one medium. I enjoy the challenge of porcelain, the beauty of bronze, the discipline of drawing and the freedom of paint. I am inspired by things I find meaningful, concerns that I feel relevant to our modern world and, on a theme that has preoccupied many, the awesome immensity of natural forces"


Deardre's work is an expression of her connection and concern with the environment. When using ceramics as her mode of expression she feels that, as a medium, the raw clay has a purity and honesty that she likes to use as an on going theme of her work. Beauty in nature is often hidden, simple and fragile, qualities she finds best expressed with porcelain through which she finds she can allude to its delicate translucence. Her "Organic Series" has its original inspiration from the convolvulus but within this series the 'Twists of Nature' expresses her deeper concerns with the tampering of the environment and nature, a theme that has lead her into her most recent body of work; the eddies and rockpools of her 'Marine Series'. Another body of work which has proved very popular is her 'Volcanic Series' which is all energy and passion, each work attempting to show fire as a powerful and beautiful force, full of life and vibrant energising colour. Creation and destruction with strength and passion all evocatively rolled into one.

Lava flow


Deardre McKibbon
5 Church Close
Belfast BT8 8JX