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Doris Houston

Artist’s Statement

The joy of working with paint “which has a mind of it’s own” is happiness when harmony is reached with all aspects.

Artist’s details

Born in Northern Ireland. Exhibits with many established Art Societies and Galleries in Northern Ireland and further a field in Dublin, Kinsale London, France, New Jersey, New York, Seattle, Washington, Scottsdale Arizona and Tasmania. Doris established Belfast City Council’s one and only Art Gallery at Malone House (1985-9) She maintains her links with the established Society’s and contacts abroad. Represented the Ulster Society of Women Artists in Millennium Images, Ireland and America at Washington State Convention Centre and The International Trade Centre, Seattle. International Residency at Centrum Foundation, Port Townsend Washington 2000. Her recent work has been gaining demand at home and abroad and at present she is working on commissions for Art collections and Galleries in the USA.



The Silver Award, the Royal Ulster Academy Association 1994
Laing Calendar Art Award, London 1997
Presidents Award, Royal Miniature Society, Westminster, London1998
Diploma holder, USWA 1998
Highly Commended USWA 1998/2001
Front Row Gallery Award (USA) 2002
Founders Trophy USWA 2004

Protected Seed



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Bog Land Beauty


The Royal Ulster Academy Association
The Arts Society of Ulster (ASU)
The Ulster Society of Women Artists (USWA)
The Northern Ireland Visual Arts Forum (NIVAF)
The Hillard Miniature Society (HS England)
The Florida Miniature Society (USA)
The Society of Limners (SLm)

What comes first?

Contact details:

Doris Houston USWA ASU HS SLm
207 Upper Malone Road
Belfast BT17 9JX

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